Super Advisor

Gain flexibility control and tax advantages by having your
own Self Managed Super Fund

What you need to know about SMSFs

Who is it for?

SMSFs are superannuation funds with 1 to 4 members. A SMSF is maintained for the sole purpose of providing members with benefits in retirement

Investment control

A SMSF is able to invest in: Real Estate (Residential and Commercial); .. Direct Shares; .. Fixed Interest (e.g. bonds); .. Cash; and .. Instalment Warrants… just to mention a few. .. *subject to regulations.

Is a SMSF Right for You?

That depends on your financial circumstances, and willingness to be involved in future planning for your retirement.

Advantages of SMSF's

Gain control of your superannuation. You decide where and how to accumulate wealth for your retirement.


Access a wider range of investment options and wealth building strategies.


Minimise current and future tax liabilities

Invest in Real Estate

Utilise superannuation assets to purchase an investment property (commercial or residential) in a tax friendly investment vehicle.


Asset protection for both financial and real estate investments

Cost Reduction

No performance or hidden costs.

Pass on Wealth

Ability to tax effectively pass down assets through generations.

What is SMSF

Step by step

What is Involved

Super Advisor will provide a free initial consultation to first, discuss the suitability of a SMSF, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of running your own SMSF.

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