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Director Identification Number

Director Identification Numbers…Who needs one?

On Monday 1 November 2021, the new Director Identification Number regime (DIN) commenced. This means that if you are a company director (including a director of a trustee company), you are now required to have your own unique DIN, being a 15 digit identification number that will be issued by the Australian Business Registry Services.

Why was a DIN introduced?

The purpose of implementing a DIN is to prevent the use of fraudulent or false director identities, in particular, illegal phoenix activity.  All existing directors will need to link their DIN to each company they are associated with, as well as any new companies in which they become a director of. This will provide the Government, a way to increase traceability and transparency of the relationships between directors and their companies.

This is the first stage of the Governments “Modernising Business Registers” (MBR).  The aim of the MBR is to unify the Australian Business Register (ABR) and the 31 registers administered by ASIC onto a digital registry, to be called the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS), that will be administered by the ATO.

Who needs to apply?

All existing and new directors (as well as alternate directors) of the following entities will need to apply:

  1. Public and Private Australian Companies
  2. A body corporate that is a registered Australian Body
  3. A registered foreign company (ARBN)
  4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (ORIC)

Who does not need to apply?

  • Company Secretaries
  • Defacto or Shadow directors
  • Sole Traders and partnerships
  • Officers of unincorporated associations, cooperative, or incorporated association established under a state or territory legislation.

How do you apply for a DIN?
You can apply to have a DIN issued to you from 1 November 2021.  There is a transitional arrangement in place whilst the role out of the scheme is introduced.

The below table outlines key dates on when you must apply for your DIN.

If you were already a company Director before 31/10/21By 30/11/22
New Directors appointed from 1/11/21 – 4/4/22Within 28 days of being appointed as a director
New Directors appointed after 5/4/22Before Appointment (can apply up to 12 months before date of appointment)
Existing CATSI Act* directors appointed before 31/10/22By 30/11/23
*CATSI – Directors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations

Each Director must apply for the DIN themselves individually. It cannot be applied for and completed by your Accountant, ASIC agent or any other representative. 

There are 3 options to apply for a DIN:


If you haven’t already, you must register for a myGovID first.  (Note:  a myGovID is not the same as your mygov account) Then you can apply for your DIN on the ABRS website.      Instructions on setting up a myGovID can be found on this website as well.  This procedure will require you to have access to some identity documents, and is the fastest way to receive your DIN.

Via Phone:

To apply by phone on 13 62 50. You will need to have your TFN and information to verify your identity.

Paper Application:

You can apply by filling out a paper form, which will require certified copies of your identity documents.   

Fortunately for existing directors, there is plenty of time to apply for your DIN (until 30 November 2022).   In the meantime, a handy video explaining more about the DIN process, can be found by visiting Director ID overview.

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